Rogue Trader - The Annals of the Khan Dynasty

Meeting at the Tavern
Hadrak’s Dream

The session started with a dream that Hadrak suffered through one night. He dreamed of a short lived race called the Necrontyr who hated a much older race called the Old Ones. The Old Ones prayed on the Necrontyr until the Necrontyr struck an agreement with the Star Gods. The agreement gave the Necrontyr immortality but at the cost of their very own soul. Hadrak awakened screaming and most likely having wet the bed.

You Sank My Ork Ship!

After a brief interchange, the battle between the San Jose and the Ork Frigate began underway. Auspex Arrays provided a number of clues as to the capabilities of the Ork vessal. It was heavily armored and packed quite a punch up close though its maneuverability and speed were quite lacking.

Sitting back in his captain’s chair, Marcus Khan finger-snapped in support of Hadrak Veil’s piloting abilities as the San Jose flew skillfully around the plodding ork vessel. Cyrus managed or orchestrate a few very long range shots which managed to incur some minor damage to the vessel while Balor sought to jam any ork communications with other ships that were within hailing distance. Poor Isaac had a near melt down as he attempted to raise the morale of the crew. However, the long and somewhat confusing anecdote he recanted of an ex-girlfriend from some place called Canada and the somewhat self deprecating reflection of some of his more colorful life choices ended up bewildering the crew more than it did boost morale.

Between Cyrus’s overriding of the P.A. and Balor’s quick thinking of avertising the Seneschal’s account as a new vox series called, The Canterbury Tales of the Koronus Expanse the crew was once again brought to task.

After a few hours, the two ships managed to align themselves within range of each other’s macrocannons. The San Jose had the better shot and managed not only to cripple the ork vessel but blow the ship up before claiming the quadrant under the hegemony of Marcus Khan.

Here we decided to take time for a side-plot and create characters for a Black Crusade Campaign which may or may not tie in with Marcus Khan’s developing story.

Djanko Scourge and the Auger of Destiny
The Breaking Yards of XR-651

Traversing a couple of way points thru the warp to get to the Breaking Yards of XR-651 Marcus Khan sought to procure some interstellar defenses for Haven and some deep space mining equipment so that he could begin mining the mineral wealth of an unexplored waypoint that was encountered on the way to (Orc Planet Name?).

Marcus was approached by a merchant nobleman by the name of Jonathan Cruiser who claimed to have had favorable dealings with Marcus’s cousin, Jarrion Khan. Jonathan offered his services as an agent to facilitate the purchases that Marcus was seeking to procure and use his familial clan as a broker on Marcus’s behalf. Marcus’s coin seemed to be quite acceptable to the denizens of XR-651 with the exception of being able to locate a Mole Auger. Deep space mining equipment is rarely found in stock and the lone Auger now had two interested parties in it.

In addition to these purchases, Marcus found that he needed to secure the transportation of his desired cargo since it exceeded what the San Jose could house in its cargo holds. Jonathan Cruiser recommended a captain of the Merchant Vessel Always Perceverant named San Rio. Hadrak recalled the hearing the name of San Rio as a disgraced captain who was dismissed from service in the Eagle Squadron by Admiral Van Horn of the Calixis Sector giving him a bit of a foul reputation in reputable circles. San Rio was a drunkard and promised silence on all activities regarding any business arrangements with the exception of those who used his services. Apparently the out of luck captain sought to bolster his resume by being able to drop the names of famous benefactors whom he worked with.

Encountering Djanko Scourge

Rogue Trader Djanko Scourge also happened to be in port and was scene abusing various middling merchants while the party was making its initial entry into the business sector of the Breaking Yards. Later the crew ran into Djanko at one of many pubs in the business district and the encounter nearly brought the two Rogue Trader to blows. It was in the bar where the two crews attempted to meet as their Rogue Traders met face to face. Cyrus sat down and talked with Djanko’s Arch Militant, a naval man by the name of Claude Van Rygen. Claude warned Cyrus that his employer was within arm’s reach of Djanko who was already getting excited over the competition over the auger.

As the conversation over the auger heated up Hadrak Veil was surprised to feel the psychic presence of Djanko’s navigator who spoke to him, warning that if the two Rogue Trader’s came to blows then his crew would stay out of the conflict as long as our crew remained out of it. Stealing himself, Hadrak managed to push the Navigator out of his head and sent a transmission to the San Jose’s teleportation deck to be ready to remove the Rogue Trader and the party when needed. Marcus’s Bathroom Attendant, or Assistant to the Lavatory Host Isaac was then contacted by the Navigator who seemed to be trying to defuse the brewing conflict.

As Marcus moved to extricate himself from the enraged Djanko, Djanko tossed a prostitute off of his lap and charged Marcus. Seeing Marcus’s desire to leave the scene without confrontation Hadrak signaled the San Jose and all were teleported back to the ship unharmed.

Brotherhood of the Black Hand

After the near confrontation between the two Rogue Trader a criminal organization called the Brotherhood of the Black Hand assaulted the facility that stored the auger and secured it in their own thieves den. Djanko left port and after a brief communique to Marcus assaulted the thieves den by macro-cannon and boarding vessels. After securing the mole auger Djanko once again voxed the San Jose to gloat over his successful endeavor and left the system.

Return to Haven and Encountering Orcs Amongst the Asteroids

After securing transportation with San Rio, Marcus escorted the merchant vessel to Haven and dropped off the Macro-cannon defenses at the star base. Upon entering into the system the crew managed to pick up signs that the two orc ships had continued its patrol in the system but had moved on by the time the fleet arrived. Dropping off the macro-cannons to be installed, the crew moved to drop off and begin setting up the mining equipment in (Asteroid Location) when they picked up an Orc vessel as quickly as they were, themselves, detected. The session ended with the looming battle about to commence.

Ambush, and the Skies Fall

Life is the Emperor’s currency, spend it well.

In the meeting with Brother Valiant Michael it was requested of the party for Balor to use his skills and repair some faulty machinery that had failed roughly 3 years ago. The pumps and humidifiers to the lower levels of the library had stopped working and sea water had flooded the lowest level and was thigh high on the 2nd level. A simple diagnostic test and a homage to the machine’s spirit revealed that a carved stake had been jammed inside the more internal parts of the machine. The stake looked to be of some type of ivory and lines of some unknown script decorated the face of the stake which ended with the symbol of the House of Khan.

As the party was trying to make sense of this strange event, two smoke grenades went off on either side of the party signifying a trap or an ambush had been triggered.

The Eldar attacked in two waves. Flanking the party, two assassins charged through cover of the smoke grenades to attack the party in melee. Two other assassins attempted to provide cover from atop the 20 ft. book shelves by firing onto the party. Marcus Khan, unimpressed with the surprised attack drew and fired a salvo from his Hell Pistol (?) and blew the head off of one of the assailants. Cyrus also drew his newly acquired Melta weapon and discovered what awesome power really was by incinerating one of the Eldar and part of the bookshelf that he was perched upon.

Oryx Graves used his bolter with similar effect, shooting into the smoke at the assaulting Eldar along with the help of the Drusian Acolyte Sanchez. Unfortunately for the group, as Oryx was shouting to take one of the Eldar alive, Sanchez failed his willpower roll and fired his laser pistol with panicked, religious zeal perforating the charging Eldar with several hits.

As the tides were beginning to turn in favor of the crew members, they were assaulted from above by Gloomhaunts. Resembling a cross between a steroid induced bat and flying squirrel, they struck at the party from above, striking Marcus in the head. Balor and Cyrus was also assaulted but both had managed to keep the flying vermin from landing a successful attack. The two living Eldar continued to attack and in yelling commands to one another, the party could only make out the name ‘Kahn’ – which had been repeated several times throughout the course of the ambush.

Oryx continued to punish the foolish Eldar with his bolter and eventually chased down and shot a retreating assailant. Only one of the Eldar had managed to escape the engagement by leaping out of melee combat onto the top of the 20 ft. book shelf as Sanchez continued to pepper him with his laser pistol despite being told to aid Marcus from the smothering attack by the Gloomhaunt. With the Eldar gone, Cyrus was able to pry the Gloomhaunt from Marcus’s face who had attempted to drown the creature by diving into the thigh deep water. The other two Gloomhaunts were much easier to bring down when not attached to an ally’s head.

Taking a brief assessment of their surroundings, the party watched as Sanchez hurried after the escaping eldar when the entire complex shook as if struck by an earthquake. Hurrying after the party made it up to the ground level of the Monastery complex.

The Eldar Assault

As the party made up and began to exit the library’s doors, they were struck by the flurry of wind and pollen from a breach in the complex’s hab-dome. Several bodies littered the ground and groups of drusian monks were seen to be pinned down by several teams of Eldar. The party took a moment to radio up to the ship only to find that there had been something jamming the transmission. Balor successfully overrode the signal and managed to keep a brief line of communication where they managed to contact Hadrak Veil. Hadrak reported that there were several readings of Eldar on the planet surface and several unknown readings in space but he added that they were having trouble getting any real readings from their Auspex Arrays.

Seeing that the Eldar seemed intent on attacking the main Temple complex, Marcus Khan led the crew to help alleviate it from the attentions of the Eldar. Using Cyrus‘s knowledge of tactics, the crew managed to successfully move and surprise several groups of Eldar assailants and after a few rounds, managed to hold off the advancement of the eldar until Hadrak was finally able to lock onto the temple complex with the ship’s Teleporter and began transporting support troops to the surface. As these troops began to appear, the Eldar retreated and disappeared into the dense foliage (and to some, from sight altogether, or so it was reported).

The party was successful in bringing down several Eldar and managed to break a couple of the entrenched assault groups due to Balor’s grenade launcher and Oryx’s bolter. Marcus had been severely wounded in the right leg and might have lost it had it not been for some cover the group had taken. More support troops and medicae personel were transported to the surface once the threat of the Eldar seemed unlikely.

The Search for the Lost Angel

Across the void of space men live as they have lived for millennia upon the sand, rock and soil of worlds bathed in the light of alien suns. So is Humanity’s seed cast far and wide beyond the knowledge of Man, to thrive bitterly in the darkness, to take root and cling with robust and savage determination.

The Saint Drusus Monastery is located on one of the few small islands surrounded by the giant floating Banyan tree-islands that float atop the oceans of the water planet. The trees, which stand over 300 feet in height, are interconnected through a congested network of roots and branches and are anchored by a knot of roots which stabilize the tree-islands and allow them to float on the ocean currents.

After having encountered one of the planet’s fish species, the crew managed to finally get to the monastery’s hab dome and voxed their presence to the awaiting Drusians. They were met by a sentry who wore an ancient set of power armor and challenged the crew with a Drusian proverb, “And lo, as Saint Drusus raised up his sword…”. The crew however, were not able to show proper piety and failed to complete the proverb in reply so the party was questioned tersely as to the reason for their visit and eventually brought to a rectory to wait for the abbot’s pleasure.

Eventually the party was able to meet with Fraturnis Fortis Michael (Brother Valiant), the monastery’s Abbot. His age was difficult to judge due to his fitness and strong health but it was likely that he was in his upper 60’s. Hosting the meeting in his personal office (above the rectory) he questioned the purpose of the Marcus Khan’s visit. In learning that Marcus and his crew were seeking to find the The “Lost Angel”, the Abbot became keenly interested. He spoke of several accounts that many Drusian historians would know about, primarily one of a Raider Class vessel that returned from the ambush site where it was believed the Lost Angel had fled from.

According to Brother Valiant Michael’s recollection, the Raider Class vessel had routine difficulties with their plasma drives, often arriving weeks behind the rest of Rogue Trader Glava’s fleet. When the Raider class ship arrived at the ambush site, the captain recorded finding the remains of several of the fleet’s ships. Having boarded a few ships looking for survivors the captain’s personal logs indicated that the Lost Angel had been given time to escape the ambush that the fleet had stumbled into even though it had been struck with a crippling blow to the ship’s bridge. Without having proper coordinates to follow the Lost Angel’s path and worried that whatever threat had destroyed the rest of the fleet might still be present, the Raider class vessel returned to Imperial space to report their findings and try to get help. The abbot also mentioned that the captain’s personal log was also filled with various ramblings and confused prose which reflected a damaged mind which was probably one reason why the captain was unable to gain support for a secondary expedition.

Incidentally, the party also found out that Rappaccini’s_Expanse was also discovered by Rogue Trader Glava during the earlier part of this same expedition. The rogue trader was reported to have personally stepped on this island which is why the monastery was erected and is still maintained.

Introduction to Rappaccini's Expanse
Virgil at Dinner

Virgil storms into the dining room accusing Cyrus of damaging the books in the Librarium. The tome in question was a conglomeration of notes and research compiled by a previously unknown auther under the employ of Rogue Trader Rodrigo Khan regarding The Lost Angel. Several pieces of the book, including the books spine has been cauterized by some type of burning implement. To back up his accusation Virgil used the book that Cyrus has previously ripped a page in out of spite as evidence to the Arch Militant’s games to make Virgil’s life a living hell. Oryx didn’t believe that Cyrus had been the one to damage the book, particularly since he couldn’t read the material to determine what was safe and/or appropriate to burn, but the bad blood between the scholar and the Arch-Militant.

Virgil requested that Longfang Silber and Cyrus be ordered not to enter the library without an escort from a senior officer or harass his sleeping quarters. Marcus Khan acquiesced further charging Virgil to keep from mixing with Cyrus and Longfang. Cyrus managed to catch a knowing smirk from Virgil as all eyes had passed to the damaged tome which seemed to indicate that Virgil had succeeded in one-upping Cyrus in some fashion.

After much bickering the corpulent scribe stated that the first location of the burgening investigation was Rappaccini’s Expanse. Rappaccini’s Expanse, A death world in Winterscales Realm that held a Drusian monastary was the last known contact of the Lost Angel before its supposed ambush at the hands of unknown forces and following dissapearance.

Our brave explorers immediately departed from Haven.


A transport and 2 Raider class imperial vessels were detected in orbit above the planet. Rogue Trader Flavius Prophet the Elder and his fleet extended an invitation to Marcus and his crew to come aboard and ultimately determine the reason for San Hussein’s presence within the system. Flavius Prophet announced that he had leased the right to harvest ‘cargo’ from this planet from the powerful Winterscale Family. Once the crew made it clear that Marcus and his staff’s only interest in the planet was in meeting with the Drusians, Flavius Prophet offered to provide them with transportation to the ship’s surface so as to further ensure that Marcus wouldn’t attempt to leave the planet with any of the narcotic flowers that House Prophet was harvesting.

Landing upon the canopy of the giant floating trees, the crew were able to see House Prophet’s slaves climbing through the branches, snipping white flowers at the ends of vines and branches. Flavius Prophet informed Marcus that it would be best to use rebreathers or respirators on the surface of the planet as the Lotus flower’s pollen was narcotic, addictive and in high doses poisonous. Once having landed the crew noticed that House Prophet’s slaves wore only flimsy ‘medical masks’ to protect them from the narco-pollen.

At the planet’s surface the crew encountered a vicious breed of fish that sucked and were totally dumb. After a slight altercation in which culminated with Cyrus and Marcus rinsing off their suits of pollen, Oryx blazed through several of the Rockfish until his gun jammed from being so awesome. The rest of the fish sucked so much the entire genus decided why bother trying and sunk to the depths in shame and bewilderment.

A Return to Haven

After leaving a skeleton crew of 5,000 people under the command of Lieutenant Channingat Haven, the San Hussein returned to Footfall after a brief stop was made at Falcon’s Fall Gamma to fill up the ship’s cargo bays with the planet’s pristine water.

The space travel passed without incident only to find that Captain Seventus Wintermount and the Battle Cruiser The Shining Hope of Cadia still in dock at the station. Opting to keep the discovery of Haven a secret, Marcus had the word spread that he was looking to bring on colonists for settlement. The ship’s massive tanks of water were sold, the Navigator’s Tome that Marcus was tasked with retrieving was returned to the Navigator’s Guild, Vladym Tocara was discovered to have left Footfall on some business venture outside of the system.

Cyrus was the only crew member to have any luck finding a suitable scholar/researcher that Marcus had indicated he was interested in hiring. Virgil, a corpulently obese man with a fairly rude disposition, seemed to have an immediate dislike of Cyrus even after Cyrus’s offer of employment was explained. He agreed to meet with Marcus to discuss the details of his employment. During this interview, Marcus found Virgil’s personality a bit tedious and opted not to hire the expansive scholar, which was probably due more to the man’s personality quirks as opposed to any contractual requirements made by the learned man. (Virgil did indicate that he knew of Bastile on Seventus’s ship but offered no more information on the subject).

The Rogue Trader and crew had to endure a dinner invitation by Captain Seventus Wintermount who regaled Marcus with an account of destroying a small fleet of chaos pirates with the aid of Marcus’ cousin, Jarrion Khan. Marcus’s crew embarrassingly showed how unskilled they were with formal etiquette, much to the enjoyment of Seventus who seemed to use this to pass judgement over Marcus and his noble standing. Upon leaving the dinner, Seventus’s flunky, Bastile followed the Rogue Trader out informing Marcus that he knew of the captain’s meeting with Virgil and indicated that it would be best not to cement ties with such a person.

Marcus followed by looking up Virgil and hired the man on the spot.

Staying at Footfall for roughly one month, Marcus had the community’s enginseer’s to construct a library within the San Hussein. This library would eventually house most of what Marcus had found at Haven and give Virgil something to read. Marcus also managed to hire replacements for his ship’s crew and hired rougly 15,000 settlers to be taken to Haven.

The captain and crew then returned to Haven before deciding upon their next journey into the Expanse.

Destroying a Demon

After Falcon’s Fall Gamma the crew finally reached the star system with housed Rodrigo’s rumored Haven. The space station was surrounded in bright blue colored crystaline asteroids which limited access to the station save a tunnel which had been engineered to grant access to a single vessel. The strange asteroids seemed to have an adverse affect on electronics and interfered with the machine spirit of any vessel that got too close to them.

Upon entering Haven Marcus set up a defensive position with armed men and heavy stubber emplacements before exploring what lay within. The station was partially powered so the crew decided to explore the Manse section first. Notable rooms were Rodrigo’s Library and a kitchen which housed the old frozen remains of bodies (that Rodrigo was rumored to feed upon).

It soon became apparent that the crew members were not alone and that the station might still be inhabited by some people. There were various signs of past conflict and eventually the crew discovered that Haven had become the domain of a demon – or at least of a demon possessed person for many years.

Before the final confrontation with the demon possessed Sophia (Rodrigo’s girlfriend/priestess), Hadrak urged the group to return to the station’s Temple to the God-Emperor to see if there were any last accounts left there. Within he found a working control panel that opened up the sarcophagus to Missionary Chuttle’s remains. Within was a holy relic, Dual Fists of the God-Emperor. Hadrak passed this relic on to his Rogue Trader for he saw it as a sign that Marcus was destined to cleanse Haven and bring it back under the good graces of the God-Emperor. Sophia was eventually slain in combat when Longfang Silber cleaved her nearly in two with a massive, God-Emperor-inspired hit for 32 points of damage. Once her remains had flitted away, the crew began the arduous task of cleaning up Haven to be used as a permanent base within the Expanse.

Demarus, Jeremiah Khan, and a Trap

The crew managed to reach Demarus without any difficulty. They met with Jeremiah Blitz and ultimately purchased the stolen artifact that the Navigator’s Guild claimed was missing. Jeremiah was unimpressed with Marcus’s honesty, chalking him up to being a ‘honest’ man and probably more than just a little boring.

The crew then made their way back to Footfall to drop off the Navigator’s lost/stolen tomb and once refitted, set back out on their way to locate The Haven now made possible by the information that Marcus had managed to gleam from the stolen book.

To locate The Haven the crew needs to pass through Cain’s Abyss, a gravity anomaly, and then by Falcon’s Fall Gamma a radiation induced Hell World. Falcon’s Fall Gamma reportedly has some humans, remnants of ex-wayfarers and a numerous forms of radioactive plant life.

Upon reaching Cain’s Abyss the crew noted several hundred wrecks of all types of space faring vessels. One vessel indicated life on board so the crew staged a rescue mission and to determine if there was anything worth rescuing from the wreck.

After some work with air locks and finding evidence of living beings on the ship the crew opened the door to the main hanger which also seemed to be the most likely place for a trap. Marcus ordered 2 shooters to climb through the ducts and place themselves on a catwalk above the hanger, Cyrus and Hadrak entered into the hanger to administer first aid to an ailing Imperial who called out for the God-Emperor’s Grace. Once the two had gotten to the prostrated human, he yelled to his fellow conspirators that ‘Soup’ was on and the battle commenced.

The rest of the party, including Longfang Silber is stationed by the hanger doors the 2 crew members entered the room from.


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