Rogue Trader - The Annals of the Khan Dynasty

A Return to Haven

After leaving a skeleton crew of 5,000 people under the command of Lieutenant Channingat Haven, the San Hussein returned to Footfall after a brief stop was made at Falcon’s Fall Gamma to fill up the ship’s cargo bays with the planet’s pristine water.

The space travel passed without incident only to find that Captain Seventus Wintermount and the Battle Cruiser The Shining Hope of Cadia still in dock at the station. Opting to keep the discovery of Haven a secret, Marcus had the word spread that he was looking to bring on colonists for settlement. The ship’s massive tanks of water were sold, the Navigator’s Tome that Marcus was tasked with retrieving was returned to the Navigator’s Guild, Vladym Tocara was discovered to have left Footfall on some business venture outside of the system.

Cyrus was the only crew member to have any luck finding a suitable scholar/researcher that Marcus had indicated he was interested in hiring. Virgil, a corpulently obese man with a fairly rude disposition, seemed to have an immediate dislike of Cyrus even after Cyrus’s offer of employment was explained. He agreed to meet with Marcus to discuss the details of his employment. During this interview, Marcus found Virgil’s personality a bit tedious and opted not to hire the expansive scholar, which was probably due more to the man’s personality quirks as opposed to any contractual requirements made by the learned man. (Virgil did indicate that he knew of Bastile on Seventus’s ship but offered no more information on the subject).

The Rogue Trader and crew had to endure a dinner invitation by Captain Seventus Wintermount who regaled Marcus with an account of destroying a small fleet of chaos pirates with the aid of Marcus’ cousin, Jarrion Khan. Marcus’s crew embarrassingly showed how unskilled they were with formal etiquette, much to the enjoyment of Seventus who seemed to use this to pass judgement over Marcus and his noble standing. Upon leaving the dinner, Seventus’s flunky, Bastile followed the Rogue Trader out informing Marcus that he knew of the captain’s meeting with Virgil and indicated that it would be best not to cement ties with such a person.

Marcus followed by looking up Virgil and hired the man on the spot.

Staying at Footfall for roughly one month, Marcus had the community’s enginseer’s to construct a library within the San Hussein. This library would eventually house most of what Marcus had found at Haven and give Virgil something to read. Marcus also managed to hire replacements for his ship’s crew and hired rougly 15,000 settlers to be taken to Haven.

The captain and crew then returned to Haven before deciding upon their next journey into the Expanse.



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