Rogue Trader - The Annals of the Khan Dynasty

Ambush, and the Skies Fall

Life is the Emperor’s currency, spend it well.

In the meeting with Brother Valiant Michael it was requested of the party for Balor to use his skills and repair some faulty machinery that had failed roughly 3 years ago. The pumps and humidifiers to the lower levels of the library had stopped working and sea water had flooded the lowest level and was thigh high on the 2nd level. A simple diagnostic test and a homage to the machine’s spirit revealed that a carved stake had been jammed inside the more internal parts of the machine. The stake looked to be of some type of ivory and lines of some unknown script decorated the face of the stake which ended with the symbol of the House of Khan.

As the party was trying to make sense of this strange event, two smoke grenades went off on either side of the party signifying a trap or an ambush had been triggered.

The Eldar attacked in two waves. Flanking the party, two assassins charged through cover of the smoke grenades to attack the party in melee. Two other assassins attempted to provide cover from atop the 20 ft. book shelves by firing onto the party. Marcus Khan, unimpressed with the surprised attack drew and fired a salvo from his Hell Pistol (?) and blew the head off of one of the assailants. Cyrus also drew his newly acquired Melta weapon and discovered what awesome power really was by incinerating one of the Eldar and part of the bookshelf that he was perched upon.

Oryx Graves used his bolter with similar effect, shooting into the smoke at the assaulting Eldar along with the help of the Drusian Acolyte Sanchez. Unfortunately for the group, as Oryx was shouting to take one of the Eldar alive, Sanchez failed his willpower roll and fired his laser pistol with panicked, religious zeal perforating the charging Eldar with several hits.

As the tides were beginning to turn in favor of the crew members, they were assaulted from above by Gloomhaunts. Resembling a cross between a steroid induced bat and flying squirrel, they struck at the party from above, striking Marcus in the head. Balor and Cyrus was also assaulted but both had managed to keep the flying vermin from landing a successful attack. The two living Eldar continued to attack and in yelling commands to one another, the party could only make out the name ‘Kahn’ – which had been repeated several times throughout the course of the ambush.

Oryx continued to punish the foolish Eldar with his bolter and eventually chased down and shot a retreating assailant. Only one of the Eldar had managed to escape the engagement by leaping out of melee combat onto the top of the 20 ft. book shelf as Sanchez continued to pepper him with his laser pistol despite being told to aid Marcus from the smothering attack by the Gloomhaunt. With the Eldar gone, Cyrus was able to pry the Gloomhaunt from Marcus’s face who had attempted to drown the creature by diving into the thigh deep water. The other two Gloomhaunts were much easier to bring down when not attached to an ally’s head.

Taking a brief assessment of their surroundings, the party watched as Sanchez hurried after the escaping eldar when the entire complex shook as if struck by an earthquake. Hurrying after the party made it up to the ground level of the Monastery complex.

The Eldar Assault

As the party made up and began to exit the library’s doors, they were struck by the flurry of wind and pollen from a breach in the complex’s hab-dome. Several bodies littered the ground and groups of drusian monks were seen to be pinned down by several teams of Eldar. The party took a moment to radio up to the ship only to find that there had been something jamming the transmission. Balor successfully overrode the signal and managed to keep a brief line of communication where they managed to contact Hadrak Veil. Hadrak reported that there were several readings of Eldar on the planet surface and several unknown readings in space but he added that they were having trouble getting any real readings from their Auspex Arrays.

Seeing that the Eldar seemed intent on attacking the main Temple complex, Marcus Khan led the crew to help alleviate it from the attentions of the Eldar. Using Cyrus‘s knowledge of tactics, the crew managed to successfully move and surprise several groups of Eldar assailants and after a few rounds, managed to hold off the advancement of the eldar until Hadrak was finally able to lock onto the temple complex with the ship’s Teleporter and began transporting support troops to the surface. As these troops began to appear, the Eldar retreated and disappeared into the dense foliage (and to some, from sight altogether, or so it was reported).

The party was successful in bringing down several Eldar and managed to break a couple of the entrenched assault groups due to Balor’s grenade launcher and Oryx’s bolter. Marcus had been severely wounded in the right leg and might have lost it had it not been for some cover the group had taken. More support troops and medicae personel were transported to the surface once the threat of the Eldar seemed unlikely.



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