Rogue Trader - The Annals of the Khan Dynasty

Destroying a Demon

After Falcon’s Fall Gamma the crew finally reached the star system with housed Rodrigo’s rumored Haven. The space station was surrounded in bright blue colored crystaline asteroids which limited access to the station save a tunnel which had been engineered to grant access to a single vessel. The strange asteroids seemed to have an adverse affect on electronics and interfered with the machine spirit of any vessel that got too close to them.

Upon entering Haven Marcus set up a defensive position with armed men and heavy stubber emplacements before exploring what lay within. The station was partially powered so the crew decided to explore the Manse section first. Notable rooms were Rodrigo’s Library and a kitchen which housed the old frozen remains of bodies (that Rodrigo was rumored to feed upon).

It soon became apparent that the crew members were not alone and that the station might still be inhabited by some people. There were various signs of past conflict and eventually the crew discovered that Haven had become the domain of a demon – or at least of a demon possessed person for many years.

Before the final confrontation with the demon possessed Sophia (Rodrigo’s girlfriend/priestess), Hadrak urged the group to return to the station’s Temple to the God-Emperor to see if there were any last accounts left there. Within he found a working control panel that opened up the sarcophagus to Missionary Chuttle’s remains. Within was a holy relic, Dual Fists of the God-Emperor. Hadrak passed this relic on to his Rogue Trader for he saw it as a sign that Marcus was destined to cleanse Haven and bring it back under the good graces of the God-Emperor. Sophia was eventually slain in combat when Longfang Silber cleaved her nearly in two with a massive, God-Emperor-inspired hit for 32 points of damage. Once her remains had flitted away, the crew began the arduous task of cleaning up Haven to be used as a permanent base within the Expanse.



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