Rogue Trader - The Annals of the Khan Dynasty

Djanko Scourge and the Auger of Destiny

The Breaking Yards of XR-651

Traversing a couple of way points thru the warp to get to the Breaking Yards of XR-651 Marcus Khan sought to procure some interstellar defenses for Haven and some deep space mining equipment so that he could begin mining the mineral wealth of an unexplored waypoint that was encountered on the way to (Orc Planet Name?).

Marcus was approached by a merchant nobleman by the name of Jonathan Cruiser who claimed to have had favorable dealings with Marcus’s cousin, Jarrion Khan. Jonathan offered his services as an agent to facilitate the purchases that Marcus was seeking to procure and use his familial clan as a broker on Marcus’s behalf. Marcus’s coin seemed to be quite acceptable to the denizens of XR-651 with the exception of being able to locate a Mole Auger. Deep space mining equipment is rarely found in stock and the lone Auger now had two interested parties in it.

In addition to these purchases, Marcus found that he needed to secure the transportation of his desired cargo since it exceeded what the San Jose could house in its cargo holds. Jonathan Cruiser recommended a captain of the Merchant Vessel Always Perceverant named San Rio. Hadrak recalled the hearing the name of San Rio as a disgraced captain who was dismissed from service in the Eagle Squadron by Admiral Van Horn of the Calixis Sector giving him a bit of a foul reputation in reputable circles. San Rio was a drunkard and promised silence on all activities regarding any business arrangements with the exception of those who used his services. Apparently the out of luck captain sought to bolster his resume by being able to drop the names of famous benefactors whom he worked with.

Encountering Djanko Scourge

Rogue Trader Djanko Scourge also happened to be in port and was scene abusing various middling merchants while the party was making its initial entry into the business sector of the Breaking Yards. Later the crew ran into Djanko at one of many pubs in the business district and the encounter nearly brought the two Rogue Trader to blows. It was in the bar where the two crews attempted to meet as their Rogue Traders met face to face. Cyrus sat down and talked with Djanko’s Arch Militant, a naval man by the name of Claude Van Rygen. Claude warned Cyrus that his employer was within arm’s reach of Djanko who was already getting excited over the competition over the auger.

As the conversation over the auger heated up Hadrak Veil was surprised to feel the psychic presence of Djanko’s navigator who spoke to him, warning that if the two Rogue Trader’s came to blows then his crew would stay out of the conflict as long as our crew remained out of it. Stealing himself, Hadrak managed to push the Navigator out of his head and sent a transmission to the San Jose’s teleportation deck to be ready to remove the Rogue Trader and the party when needed. Marcus’s Bathroom Attendant, or Assistant to the Lavatory Host Isaac was then contacted by the Navigator who seemed to be trying to defuse the brewing conflict.

As Marcus moved to extricate himself from the enraged Djanko, Djanko tossed a prostitute off of his lap and charged Marcus. Seeing Marcus’s desire to leave the scene without confrontation Hadrak signaled the San Jose and all were teleported back to the ship unharmed.

Brotherhood of the Black Hand

After the near confrontation between the two Rogue Trader a criminal organization called the Brotherhood of the Black Hand assaulted the facility that stored the auger and secured it in their own thieves den. Djanko left port and after a brief communique to Marcus assaulted the thieves den by macro-cannon and boarding vessels. After securing the mole auger Djanko once again voxed the San Jose to gloat over his successful endeavor and left the system.

Return to Haven and Encountering Orcs Amongst the Asteroids

After securing transportation with San Rio, Marcus escorted the merchant vessel to Haven and dropped off the Macro-cannon defenses at the star base. Upon entering into the system the crew managed to pick up signs that the two orc ships had continued its patrol in the system but had moved on by the time the fleet arrived. Dropping off the macro-cannons to be installed, the crew moved to drop off and begin setting up the mining equipment in (Asteroid Location) when they picked up an Orc vessel as quickly as they were, themselves, detected. The session ended with the looming battle about to commence.


assistant bathroom attendant…


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