Rogue Trader - The Annals of the Khan Dynasty

Introduction to Rappaccini's Expanse

Virgil at Dinner

Virgil storms into the dining room accusing Cyrus of damaging the books in the Librarium. The tome in question was a conglomeration of notes and research compiled by a previously unknown auther under the employ of Rogue Trader Rodrigo Khan regarding The Lost Angel. Several pieces of the book, including the books spine has been cauterized by some type of burning implement. To back up his accusation Virgil used the book that Cyrus has previously ripped a page in out of spite as evidence to the Arch Militant’s games to make Virgil’s life a living hell. Oryx didn’t believe that Cyrus had been the one to damage the book, particularly since he couldn’t read the material to determine what was safe and/or appropriate to burn, but the bad blood between the scholar and the Arch-Militant.

Virgil requested that Longfang Silber and Cyrus be ordered not to enter the library without an escort from a senior officer or harass his sleeping quarters. Marcus Khan acquiesced further charging Virgil to keep from mixing with Cyrus and Longfang. Cyrus managed to catch a knowing smirk from Virgil as all eyes had passed to the damaged tome which seemed to indicate that Virgil had succeeded in one-upping Cyrus in some fashion.

After much bickering the corpulent scribe stated that the first location of the burgening investigation was Rappaccini’s Expanse. Rappaccini’s Expanse, A death world in Winterscales Realm that held a Drusian monastary was the last known contact of the Lost Angel before its supposed ambush at the hands of unknown forces and following dissapearance.

Our brave explorers immediately departed from Haven.


A transport and 2 Raider class imperial vessels were detected in orbit above the planet. Rogue Trader Flavius Prophet the Elder and his fleet extended an invitation to Marcus and his crew to come aboard and ultimately determine the reason for San Hussein’s presence within the system. Flavius Prophet announced that he had leased the right to harvest ‘cargo’ from this planet from the powerful Winterscale Family. Once the crew made it clear that Marcus and his staff’s only interest in the planet was in meeting with the Drusians, Flavius Prophet offered to provide them with transportation to the ship’s surface so as to further ensure that Marcus wouldn’t attempt to leave the planet with any of the narcotic flowers that House Prophet was harvesting.

Landing upon the canopy of the giant floating trees, the crew were able to see House Prophet’s slaves climbing through the branches, snipping white flowers at the ends of vines and branches. Flavius Prophet informed Marcus that it would be best to use rebreathers or respirators on the surface of the planet as the Lotus flower’s pollen was narcotic, addictive and in high doses poisonous. Once having landed the crew noticed that House Prophet’s slaves wore only flimsy ‘medical masks’ to protect them from the narco-pollen.

At the planet’s surface the crew encountered a vicious breed of fish that sucked and were totally dumb. After a slight altercation in which culminated with Cyrus and Marcus rinsing off their suits of pollen, Oryx blazed through several of the Rockfish until his gun jammed from being so awesome. The rest of the fish sucked so much the entire genus decided why bother trying and sunk to the depths in shame and bewilderment.


Frappoccino Expresso!


In Warhammer Universe, even the fish get despondent.


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