Rogue Trader - The Annals of the Khan Dynasty

The Search for the Lost Angel

Across the void of space men live as they have lived for millennia upon the sand, rock and soil of worlds bathed in the light of alien suns. So is Humanity’s seed cast far and wide beyond the knowledge of Man, to thrive bitterly in the darkness, to take root and cling with robust and savage determination.

The Saint Drusus Monastery is located on one of the few small islands surrounded by the giant floating Banyan tree-islands that float atop the oceans of the water planet. The trees, which stand over 300 feet in height, are interconnected through a congested network of roots and branches and are anchored by a knot of roots which stabilize the tree-islands and allow them to float on the ocean currents.

After having encountered one of the planet’s fish species, the crew managed to finally get to the monastery’s hab dome and voxed their presence to the awaiting Drusians. They were met by a sentry who wore an ancient set of power armor and challenged the crew with a Drusian proverb, “And lo, as Saint Drusus raised up his sword…”. The crew however, were not able to show proper piety and failed to complete the proverb in reply so the party was questioned tersely as to the reason for their visit and eventually brought to a rectory to wait for the abbot’s pleasure.

Eventually the party was able to meet with Fraturnis Fortis Michael (Brother Valiant), the monastery’s Abbot. His age was difficult to judge due to his fitness and strong health but it was likely that he was in his upper 60’s. Hosting the meeting in his personal office (above the rectory) he questioned the purpose of the Marcus Khan’s visit. In learning that Marcus and his crew were seeking to find the The “Lost Angel”, the Abbot became keenly interested. He spoke of several accounts that many Drusian historians would know about, primarily one of a Raider Class vessel that returned from the ambush site where it was believed the Lost Angel had fled from.

According to Brother Valiant Michael’s recollection, the Raider Class vessel had routine difficulties with their plasma drives, often arriving weeks behind the rest of Rogue Trader Glava’s fleet. When the Raider class ship arrived at the ambush site, the captain recorded finding the remains of several of the fleet’s ships. Having boarded a few ships looking for survivors the captain’s personal logs indicated that the Lost Angel had been given time to escape the ambush that the fleet had stumbled into even though it had been struck with a crippling blow to the ship’s bridge. Without having proper coordinates to follow the Lost Angel’s path and worried that whatever threat had destroyed the rest of the fleet might still be present, the Raider class vessel returned to Imperial space to report their findings and try to get help. The abbot also mentioned that the captain’s personal log was also filled with various ramblings and confused prose which reflected a damaged mind which was probably one reason why the captain was unable to gain support for a secondary expedition.

Incidentally, the party also found out that Rappaccini’s_Expanse was also discovered by Rogue Trader Glava during the earlier part of this same expedition. The rogue trader was reported to have personally stepped on this island which is why the monastery was erected and is still maintained.



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