Rogue Trader - The Annals of the Khan Dynasty

You Sank My Ork Ship!

After a brief interchange, the battle between the San Jose and the Ork Frigate began underway. Auspex Arrays provided a number of clues as to the capabilities of the Ork vessal. It was heavily armored and packed quite a punch up close though its maneuverability and speed were quite lacking.

Sitting back in his captain’s chair, Marcus Khan finger-snapped in support of Hadrak Veil’s piloting abilities as the San Jose flew skillfully around the plodding ork vessel. Cyrus managed or orchestrate a few very long range shots which managed to incur some minor damage to the vessel while Balor sought to jam any ork communications with other ships that were within hailing distance. Poor Isaac had a near melt down as he attempted to raise the morale of the crew. However, the long and somewhat confusing anecdote he recanted of an ex-girlfriend from some place called Canada and the somewhat self deprecating reflection of some of his more colorful life choices ended up bewildering the crew more than it did boost morale.

Between Cyrus’s overriding of the P.A. and Balor’s quick thinking of avertising the Seneschal’s account as a new vox series called, The Canterbury Tales of the Koronus Expanse the crew was once again brought to task.

After a few hours, the two ships managed to align themselves within range of each other’s macrocannons. The San Jose had the better shot and managed not only to cripple the ork vessel but blow the ship up before claiming the quadrant under the hegemony of Marcus Khan.

Here we decided to take time for a side-plot and create characters for a Black Crusade Campaign which may or may not tie in with Marcus Khan’s developing story.



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