• Cyrus


    Scarred and grizzled Arch Militant
  • Enki


    A human psyker, on the loose.
  • Jarrion Kahn

    Jarrion Kahn

    Marcus' Cousin and Prime Rogue Trader to the Kahn family
  • Jeremiah Blitz

    Jeremiah Blitz

    Rogue Trader who seems to exude confidence and who probably has close connections to various underworld groups
  • Lieutenant Channing

    Lieutenant Channing

    Hard ex-military officer, Governor of Haven
  • Malaclypse Crux

    Malaclypse Crux

    Wolver Kull's scrupleless arch-militant
  • Mista Screwteef

    Mista Screwteef

    A Gretchin/Goblin and Sidekick to Longteef with a voice like nails on a chalkboard and a 'mekanikal' afficiency.
  • Oryx Graves

    Oryx Graves

    The somewhat-charming, occasionally-brilliant, often-bitterly cynical, and usually-intoxicated Seneschal of the San Jose.
  • Rodrigo Kahn

    Rodrigo Kahn

    Long thought dead ancestor of Jarrion and Marcus. Former Captian of the San Jose.
  • Seventus Wintermount

    Seventus Wintermount

    A pompous bastard of an elite military snob. Captain of the Shining Hope of Cadia
  • Sophia


    Demon possessed seductress and former false priestess/lover of Rodrigo.
  • Virgil


    Adept, scholar, librarian
  • Wolver Kull

    Wolver Kull

    The Arch-Rival of the Kahn Family...the worst kind of Rogue Trader.