Scarred and grizzled Arch Militant


Physically slim, 6’2", scarred, apathetic light eyes, dark short hair (tight yet moppish). Walks with a slight limp and tend to be a bit distant like I’m always half listening or looking past someone. Good natured in general but shrinks in the presence of “puffed up people” and is easily annoyed at pretentious or condescending people.


Cyrus, Rafe, and Goran Geraud are three brothers from an unnamed death world. After their parents succumb to the trials of the death world, as so many people do around middle age, the three brothers travel to Port Wander in search of a chance for fame, fortune and the exhiliration of war. The three of them hook up with an arch-militant and rogue trader who have put out the word that they are looking for security to replace some crew they had lost on their most recent outing into the Koronus Expanse. They are told to meet back at the docking bay in three days. Three days later when Cyrus arrives he does not see his brothers but are told they are both already on the ship.

Once aboard the ship, Cyrus is given a meager room and fed. Cyrus is told to get a good rest, tomorrow he’ll earn his keep or be sent out the airlock. In the morning (morning in space?) he is awoke, dressed, armed and taken to a 30’X30’ room and told that anything that enters the room through one of the two doors next is his enemy and he is to destroy it.

Most things that come through the doors are recognizable as human. Some enter with weapons, some are so mutated they attack with inhuman appendages, some come in pairs through one or both of the doors. One after another he kills what enters the chamber. At the end of each fight he enters a small personal chamber while the airlock is opened and the defeated are jettisoned out into space. After six hours, Cyrus is in the personal chamber and a noxious gas is pumped into it while he is sitting there, knocking him out. The fighting chamber takes on a haze and before Cyrus stand two hulking malformed masses. Using every bit of training and experience he’s gained, he tries to defeat the two masses but they are his equal, mirroring him in technique and intensity. Finally one of the abominations pauses, shaking his head rapidly as if to clear it. The other abomination takes the chance and eviscerates it with its sword across the gut, spilling entrails on the floor. Cyrus takes the opportunity to do the same to the second abomination but not before the first one gives him a nasty gash from his armpit to hip, along the ribs. With both opponents dead, Cyrus enters the smaller chamber and the airlock opens, depositing them outside. He’s ushered out and taken to the medical bay and patched up, given a shot to clear his head, and taken back to his chambers.

Cyrus, over time, reconciles that something is just not right aboard the ship. Every month or two he is put in the fighting chamber to entertain the crew. As his tenure increases so does his status among the ship. About a year and a half later, the trials stop and Cyrus finds himself under the direct command of the Arch Militant, Malaclypse Crux . His quarters, meals, cloths, weapons, and pay increase substantially and for once he is treated like a part of the crew instead of an indentured servant.

He frequently asks the Arch Militant and Rogue Trader where his brothers have been assigned but every answer is a dead end or wild kroot chase. Some insist they never made it on the ship at all, others have seen one but not the other.

As apathy replaces his curiosity about his brothers, he keeps his sanity by thinking that they never made it on the ship in the first place. Both Geraud and Rafe had a penchant for being late, a flaw that never manifested itself with Cyrus. Both of his brothers were probably back at Port Wander providing security to some merchant who paid well for a low risk job. Good for them, he’d look them up once he got back.

Over time the Arch Militant gave Cyrus more responsibility. Training the security forces, keeping track of all the weapons available, leading missions to local planets, leading forces on invasions of frigates, and most importantly Cyrus was in charge of new security personnel. The Arch Militant handed Cyrus two datapads, property of the Rogue Trader. Not being able to read or write, the datapad was outfitted to accept voice commands. The data contained in those datapads were twofold. One was a datapad full of Rogue Traders conquests including vessel name, rogue trader name, and the specific names of the crew that was acquired from the attack and future intended targets. The second was a blank datapad with the intention of recording the trials of new security forces, much like he was to endure.

For months Cyrus recorded the ships, rogue traders and crew in one log and the names of the combatants, the winners, the losers, the time and way they beat each other in the other log. He realized that upon this ship, very few new personnel made it, but those that did were very good at what they did.

Four years later, the captain asks Cyrus to settle a bet between he and the seneschal. The captain thinks that the crew member with the most wins in the airlock challenge is Malaclypse Crux, his arch militant, while the the seneschal thinks it is Lucretus Proot, his now deceased bodyguard. Cyrus accesses the logs to determine the winner, both the captain and seneschal are eager to know the answer since the winner will gain a considerable sum of thrones at the next “shore leave”. Amazingly, both combatants tolled 235 in their endeavors and the two agree that the living Malaclypse Crux would have defeated Lecretus Proot if they were ever to meet.

Cyrus on the other hand, gets curious about his own record and decides to look it up. Total killed 217. Time Period 617 days. Result – released into active duty.

List of defeated combatants

1. Salama Bras
2. Alexandre Ferum
3. Magno Sermeno
4. Jerridius Kloot
5. Malan Fink
6. Yroslav Eretrii
7. Brohanas Guglioti
8. Strephan Vicus
9. Posey Locklear
10. Riley Creag
11. Robey Pote
29. Goran Geraud
30. Rafe Geraud

The list went on for another 187 names but Cyrus was already in a state of shock, despondent, basically a nervous wreck, unable to function after learning that it was he who killed his own brothers. He feigned sickness the next few days until he was able to hide the emotions on his face around others. His new mission was to get off this ship at the next port of call and find someone who was able to help him exact his vengeance on the very people that took him in. Taking the datapad with the list of past and future rogue trader targets (and replacing it with his own datapad containing bounties) he set out to contact the next victims. Eight months later the first six wanted nothing to do with him, not trusting him or his information, that left five more. Next on the list was Jarrion Kahn, supposedly on Fenksworld in the Calixis sector. He booked passage on the next charted ship heading that way to see if this Kahn family care about their dynasty. If they don’t, then there are always four more on the list, that may be willing to help him exact his vengeance.


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