Lieutenant Channing

Hard ex-military officer, Governor of Haven


The Lt. has, despite his young years, a reputation as a serious and competant officer.

Among his superiours he is known as extremely capable and competant.

Among his charges he is both feared and obeyed. Staunch military discipline is the order of the day and he suffers little insolence.

Among his peer he is respected and it is silently wondered why he chose not (or was prevented from) continuing his military service. A few of them whisper that he was among a small band of survivors from a Imp. Navy Ship left adrift after a massive force of the Archenemy razed a flotilla in a distant sector.

He never speaks of this himself.


Channing has been put in charge of the Haven Space Station and Marcus’ new “home away from home”. So far he seems to be doing quite well but he may very well have a list of needed items for Marcus to attend to the next time they speak.

Lieutenant Channing

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