Longfang Silber

A big and brutal one legged ork with a penchant for alchohol and dealing well with 'umies.


Longfang is a Ork Freebooter and of the Bloodaxe Clan. Like many Bloodaxes he is excellent at dealing with Non-Orky types and this extents to the non-naval humans of the Koronus Expanse. (He still despises the Imperial Navy from past experience.) He stands some 2 meters tall but would stand taller would that his Ork hunch form would straighten up. Although not as strong as his form suggests he is everybit as tough as portrayed. His habit of drinking far too much fungus beer in his downtime play into this no doubt.

His right leg is an average grade Orky cybernetik implant. It appears to be a pegged mekanikal version of his left leg and does not alter his movement (but does look right ‘ard.) True to his name his left tusk is longer than the right and cast in silver. He has never divulged how he gained the two injuries to his leg and tusk. He possibly doesn’t remember.

His standardly orky beady red eyes glimmer with intelligence beyond many of his fellow orks. Dressed in an oversized “captain’s coat” and garish tricorn hat adorned with the “Jolly Ork” he cuts a distinct image amonst the colorful humies he travels with. A custom shoota (thanks to his helper) and a well honed Choppa both follow him everywhere goes. His equipment is maintained by his tag-along grot (who remains non-combatant) “Mista Skrewteef”…who much to his namesake has screws in place of his needle-like teeth.

Oddly for an Ork he is able to be mirthful and call down his urge for battle long enough to deal well. Patience is not a common Ork virtue. It is unlikely he will show this trait among other Orks who might very well see it as a weakness.


Longfang is not your average Ork.

A former ‘kaptain’ of a small ork ship with a history of taking down several imperial navy targets (an animosity he still holds) Longfang would very well have had a career in the making of being the scourge of the sector. Things did not work out after his non-Orky habits made him a target of his own ‘boyz’.

After being kicked off his own ship by a bunch of mutaneers and fired from a torpedo tube (along with his grot) he had the sheer luck to find himself ‘rescued’ by a ship called “the Dancing Jester” (a pirate ship under the command of Polliver Tines, a lackey of a far fouler source) that he careened into. He saved the ship from certain destruction at the hands of mutaneers and in return was provided safe passage to Footfall where he used his “kunning” to pass off knowledge of a great treasure on to the local cartels (Vladym Tocar).

In return for the his safe storage on Footfall in the Xenosium, Longfang paid off Tocar with half the information needed to get to the great treasure. The other half was rewarded upon his signing up with a trader who could take him away from Footfall. That trader turned out to be Marcus Kahn.

Living among ’umies on Footfall piqued his interest (in loot) and his hard aims to get himself onboard with a Rogue Trader have paid off with Captain Kahn. Always accompanied by his loyal mek-grot Mista Screwteef he will gladly join a rogue trader…but his motivations are always orky.

So far he has proven his worth to the team in raw cunning and animal ferocity. His recent combat feats have included detecting ambushes, resisting temptation (hard to be seduced when you don’t have the bits), and cutting a demon-possessed cult leader in half (literally 32 points worth of damage.)

He compliments Cyrus and Vall, who he likes very much for humans (not completely returned) and finds the captains leadership a good source of battle. He prefers to let Screwteef deal with Balor and his acolytes…which does not sit on Balor well. Recently he has found a drinking buddy with the well-polished bottomless pit of alchohol that is Orrex Graves.

The new scribe Virgil finds him detestable.

Longfang Silber

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