Mista Screwteef

A Gretchin/Goblin and Sidekick to Longteef with a voice like nails on a chalkboard and a 'mekanikal' afficiency.


Hey look boss! Dey wants ta’ know alls about me! We alls knows I’m the reel star of da show! Mista Screwteef da Grot wit da knowhow and what is fearless in da eyes of danger!

What’s that Boss? I don’t see nuffin’ on da toe of yer boot! Look closa? OK!



I was born inta a humble pile of mushrooms wifout a toof ta me name! It’s a good thing I gots da boss t’ look out fer me! Ever since we woz shot outta dat torpedo tube togeffer we’s been like two squigs in a mushroom patch we has we has! Yessir dat Longfang Silber is da best! Speakin’ of which I must shine his boots and klean his shoota fer him…maybe add a few more spiky bits and whatnot!

Mista Screwteef

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