Oryx Graves

The somewhat-charming, occasionally-brilliant, often-bitterly cynical, and usually-intoxicated Seneschal of the San Jose.


Oryx is defined by his unkempt appearance and the musky smell of stale amesec. He stands roughly 5’2", has piercingly green eyes, brown hair with a sparse beard and mustache. He looks to be in his mid-40’s though his dirty military dress and slovenly appearance make it difficult to determine with any accuracy. His small size and disheveled appearence belies his accuracy with a bolter just as his smell of amnesec belies his steel-trapped mind. His steel gaze belies nothing. He is a dangerous man, if just so for his resolve.

He formerly was quite bitter from past experiences and promotional rejections but seems to have found some stability in Marcus’ willingness to accept his advice and the new crew seeming to all be on a sort of “fresh start” themselves.

He finds Captain Marcus to be a differnt sort of Kahn. Less braggadacio and ego when the time calls for it…thereby causing less risk. He sees value in both Balor and Cyrus…both quite good at what they do.

Oddest of all, he seems to enjoy drinking with the Ork, Longfang. The two have had many a drunken conversation over fungus beer and amnesec, two old voidfarers from two different backgrounds, finding more in common than any could or would have expected (a love for alchohol)…he does want to kill the Grot, Mista Screwteef, though…very much.


Oryx served under Marcus’ Uncle (also Jarrion’s father) and so is uniquely qualified and experienced to operate as the seneschal of a major Rogue trader’s vessel.

He no doubt bears a bit of a grudge against Marcus’ cousin Jarrion who first stripped him of his seneschal title aboard the San Diego and then allowed his removal as captain of the San Jose…although he oddly does not seem to blame Marcus for this…openly. Marcus seems to be a victom of the fates himself: a reluctant rogue trader.

Since his reinstatement as Seneschal of the San Jose Oryx has found a second chance for renewing his career and status. He has the newfound respect of a new crew and officers. He is on the road to becoming a “former-cynic”…that is if his bottle of amnesec will let him.

Oryx was murdered while investigating some malfeasance in the lower decks of the ship. This also occured during Marcus Khan’s abduction. So far his murder has not been solved.

Oryx Graves

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