Rodrigo Kahn

Long thought dead ancestor of Jarrion and Marcus. Former Captian of the San Jose.


The beast is dead. A stage three Halo-artifact infused Rogue Trader he was neigh unstoppable by conventional means.

May he stay dead, emperor preserve us all.


The Imperium thought this bad seed long gone. Jarrion Kahn and his crew discovered otherwise as he remained alive but transformed by the Halo Artifact into an insectoid monstrosity that hungered for human flesh…but not for sustanance…moroever from the pleasure of killing.

His cannibalism has been discovered by Marcus’ crew aboard the space station “Haven”, Rodrigo’s former home away from home. Phillax, a surviving member of Rodrigo’s inner coterie, revealed that there was no “safe place” in Rodrigo’s organization. He was a monster, a slaver, heretic, xenophile, and in his quest for immortality, a monster slowly made flesh thanks to a Halo Artifact discovered in the Halo Stars. Phillax has only mentioned this.

The Rodrigo beast, more xenos than man, stalked the Space Hulk “Twilight” where the San Jose remained entombed. It killed both the Chaos intruders as well as Seventus’ Armsmen sent to secure the San Jose’s treasures (the Journal of Rodrigo foremost) and harried Jarrion all the way to the heart of the San Jose itself.

In a brilliant move of Kahn charm Jarrion spoke to the beast and reached it’s heart by showing it a picture of his long dead daughter Lucretia, who was a crone in Jarrion’s youth. The beast slowed enough for the teleportarium to send it elsewhere. That elsewhere, be it the cold void of space or to another spot in the “Twilight”, was never ascertained. As the beast has not returned, Rodrigo is considered destroyed.

Marcus has never dealt with Rodrigo personally. As he is gone now he only deals with his journals and the legacy of the San Jose. As mentioned previously and elsewhere he was not a nice man.

Rodrigo Kahn

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