Seventus Wintermount

A pompous bastard of an elite military snob. Captain of the Shining Hope of Cadia


Seventus is the seventh son of the Grand High Admiral of the Entire Segmentum Obscuris. He rides in the finest of Cruisers, the Shining Hope of Cadia, bullies all those below him (everyone basically), and generally does whatever he pleases in “the name of the Emperor”.

Prone to verbal and even physical abuse the foppish but dangerous Seventus has crossed our captain and his family several times. Usually forcing them into service that betters Seventus’ status moreso than the good of the Empire.

His hulking bodyguard Juba and obsequous scribe Bastil are always with him or nearby.

Tall lean and opulently dressed aboard a gold covered cruiser. He is the perfect pictue of noble elite navy. His demeanor is overbearingly elitist and unpleasant to say the least.


Seventus Wintermount

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