Demon possessed seductress and former false priestess/lover of Rodrigo.


Sophia was eternally beautiful due to a slaneeshi demon possession that occured shortly after Rodrigo’s dissapearance and the abandonment of the crew of Haven.

Extremely attractinve and sultry, dressed in flimsy gossimer silks with firey red hair, her demon possession was not apparent save her voice being that of an anchient crone.

Upon threat she revealed her possession openly in sorcerous manefestation of a demon flail of skulls and her mouth opening far wider than any human’s mouth can open.


According to Phillax. Sophia came to Haven as a spiritual leader who promoted an Imperial cult of love and understanding. Appealing to many of the unwashed masses of Rodrigo’s men and women her position as spiritual leader of Haven was further cemented after her seduction of Rodrigo himself. For a good many years she served as both his lover and “spiritual advisor”.

Sophia, no doubt, was a wolf in sheeps clothing for far too long in Rogrigo’s services. Her heresy went unchecked until it was far too late and Rodrigo was far too taken with the Halo device to bear any concern to it. Before his disappearance she made sure that Rodrigo’s cheif Imperial missionary, a chem gelded and pious yet senile old man named Chuttle, was dispossed of.

In the time of his absence she became first defacto leader of Haven and in the following years the leader of several eternally youthful cultists who would sacrifice their own progeny to appease Slaneesh and keep the eternal orgy atop a Zigguraut in the Jungle biodome in place.

Brave captain Marcus destroyed this abomination and her followers in a bold retaking of Haven. Perhaps it is beneficial that the demon that possessed the priestess was only a lesser fiend. Indeed it took several mightly blows to lay her low.

In destruction, nearly cleaved in half from head to pelvis, Sophia burned up in a combination of warpfire and mad laughter. The demon now freed to the warp and away from Haven.


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