Soren Bock

A former Imp. Jannissary with a thin and wiry and not overly scarred look due to luck, skill, and a superior tactical mind.


Soren Bock former Lt. in the Maccabian Janissaries (a storm trooper regiment) carries himself like a noble. His pale, handsome, and angular to the point of being almost emaciated face shows noble birth but the truth is that he is a commoner and a soldier of exceptional quality.


Soren’s past history in the Janissaries was one of exceptional note and he raised through the ranks like a rocket only to be halted at Lieutenant. What stopped him was that only nobility could rise to Captain and he, as a commoner would never be more…a fact he was perpetually reminded of by those who both his martial inferior and ranking superiors. While on the way to the “Angevin Crusade” (which oddly as he found out is in the opposite direction of where he was captured) the transport was captured by Reavers. Given the opportunity, unlike many of his colleagues, Soren had a chance to torture his once superiors or to join them on the racks. He gladly took the former option which did not decrease his suffering but it did allow him to cast off the illusion of being an inferior to the dogs who called themselves Captains and Coloniels.

He still retains his Maccabeian armor but now the mask covers his perpetual scowl. He proudly bears his former commander’s Boltgun…now replete with it’s previous owner’s fingers on a chain as decor. He would love secretly to become a wealthy noble and sit all day telling his inferiors what to do…but he knows this is all futile and has accepted that this is all for nothing but his personal survival.

Soren Bock

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