Wolver Kull

The Arch-Rival of the Kahn Family...the worst kind of Rogue Trader.


Unknown…RYAN’S JOB!!!


Regarding his personal history little can be stated at this time.

Known to all is that Wolver Kull II is by all second-hand accounts a villainous rogue trader. The darker side of thing is his forte and by many eyewitnesses he lives up to the worst in the profession.

Aboard the San Jose, only Cyrus has actually met Wolver…a man responsible for killing, for sport and natural selection of troops, of many including Cyrus’ own brothers by Cyrus’ own unknowning hands. After a confrontation Cyrus was marooned by the scum Wolver calls his ‘men’. Chances are he may have pissed off the wrong death-world mutant.

Longfang has met a crony of Kull by the name of Polliver Tines…a weak spined git who thought himself a pirate. Longfang, shortly after his own mutiny, was toredoed (by sheer astronomically improbable chance) into another ship suffering from it’s own mutiny. Polliver Tine, a second rate pirate captain, needed saving and he hadn’t the gumption to do it himself. Tines’ filthy hide was saved by Longfang from a mutiny but only for the sake of using Tines’s ship “The Dancing Jester” to get back to a port where Longfang could recoup his losses.

Oryx was personally with Jarrion’s father (Marcus’ uncle) Volminger aboard the San Diego when something happened that threw prometheum on the flames of competition and rivalry. Oryx has not spoken of it but it may involve the death of Volminger and possibly some member of the Kull clan.

The one peice of history known to Marcus regarding Wolver is the family’s long standing rivalry with the Kull clan. He may know more in the future…whether he wants to or not.

Wolver Kull

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