Narcomancer Emblem

An emblem designed during an early Narcomancer gathering.


Seven colleagues would gather after a hard day’s labor to partake of chemical entertainment.  During one of these binges the particular mixture of substances pushed them into hallucinatory trance which they interpreted as visions of the future.  Thus was born the unlicensed guild of Narcomancers.  For a reasonable price, they use their unique formula to show customers that which will be.
During one of these sessions Narcomancer Olifer saw a future in which humanity suffered in  sobriety.  People walked briskly to their destinations with purpose and clear minds.  To  his horror Olifer realized that the universe will run out of narcotics.  He saw that the true purpose of the guild was to prevent this sad eventuality.
Thus the Narcomancers schismed into two factions.  The orthodox members continue to guide those who ask through uncharted futurescapes.  The progressive branch set out on the tiresome path of research and experimentation.  Their objective is to coax psychoactive effects from common substances.  They publish speculations and findings in a periodical titled “The Narcopolitan.”   Marcus has managed to secure both issues so far, though the recipes have been disappointing.  


Narcomancer Emblem

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