The "San Jose"

Marcus' Ship recently pulled from a Space Hulk.


The San Jose thought to be named after “Saint Hussein the redeemed”, a minor saint and brother to Saint Iago who nearly fell to the powers of Chaos, but who redeemed himself by entering “the brown pit of Nurgle” and wiping the offal from the gaping innards of the Calaxis sector and sacrificing himself in the process.

It is, like its sister, a tempest class frigate that mirrored many of the San Diego’s abilities. Recently a Librarium has been added by Marcus and supplied with many of the books from Haven.


The San Jose was a sister ship to the San Diego and in the ancient destoyer’s distant anchient past, both served as twin escourt to a forgotten battle cruiser. Indeed when certain elder images of either ship is shown often the twin is pictured nearby or in tandem, although a few recent images of the San Jose have scrubed any presence of the San Jose…likely due to the ill repute of the ship’s most recent (and most likely final) captain.

The San Jose was the flagship of rogue trade Rodrigo Kahn and dissappeared with him over 250 years ago. Thanks to Rodrigo’s dark history the San Jose became a ship with a sour and negative reputatipon. Thanks to his disappearance few recent rogue traders have ever heard of it.

Now Marcus proudly captains the cleaned and refitted ship. Although she runs clean and with few minor quirks, it does appear that its time in the Space Hulk “Twilight” or perhaps under Rodrigo’s ghastly rule may have left a somewhat haunted trait that appears infrequently…usually during warpstorm travels into seldomly ventured lanes.

The ghost of Rodrigo has appeared once to Marcus on first travelling of the route to Haven from Falcon Fall Gamma. The ghost, appearing much as Rodrigo did in life was that of a huge and menacing man. He slammed Marcus against the bulkhead and warned him to “GET OFF MY SHIP!”

The "San Jose"

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