The "Lost Angel"

A Universe Class Mass Conveyor long lost to the warp.


A Universe class Transport ship that was lost in a bygone age. The true name of the ship has been lost to posterity. In more recent accounts it is referred to as the Lost Angel due to its disappearance. One of Rodrigo’s researchers (currently unknown) found records referring to ‘The Angel’ but had never been able to find out the ship’s original name.

If truly a Mass Conveyor Transport it is gigantic at nearly 15 km long and with a significant breadth and width. Although not a battleship it dwarfs all others around it and had 4 gigantic cargo holds. Although only requiring 40,000 men to crew it, such vehicles can hold and transport up to .5 million souls at a time.

If the legends were right it was truly a bringer of destruction to all planets who defied the emperor in the past.


Originally used as a troop transport during the Angevingian Crusade. After the war was mothballed because of upkeep costs. Eventually auctioned off and purchased by Rayson Glava who had at least some ties to a holy order. The holy order moved to take a pilgrimage to various planets that were rumored to be out there and hosted lost temples to the God-Emperor. Many accounts reference the size of the fleet numbering between 10 and 20 ships with at least 3 frigate class ships, 5 Raiders and 7 or more Transports.

The flotilla was ambushed by some unknown adversary, the escort remaining behind to give the The Lost Angel time to escape into the warp.

The "Lost Angel"

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