The Tree of Desire

A living intelligent xenos plant that tells the user what someone desires after blood sacrifice


A large willow-like hidden in a clearing near a waterfall in the Haven station’s Deciduous Biodome. Within the trunk is a bark skinned naked crone-like entity who will reveal herself when blood is spilled nearby. She speaks in a form of telepathy that is highly unnerving. The tree bears headsized glowing fruit that the tree will allow to be plucked when presented blood sacrifice.

Upon speaking the name of an individual the fruit will show the user what that person truly desires.

It is unknown if it is warp inflused (highly-likely), demon possessed (likely as well), an example of xenos-biotech, or merely some strange xenos form of life.


The tree was discovered by the party in exploration of Haven. As most of the party stumbled through the biodome under some form of allure from what appeared to be a highly attractive female human they found the tree adn its gaurdian.

This led to their first discovery of the demonic infestation at Haven. The guardian of the tree, a Deamonette of Slaanesh fell before our party as did several of the Chaos cultists. When their blood met the ground the tree revealed itself as a strange form of divination in understanding the motives of others.

The crew seems presently unwilling to use it as blood sacrifice is not currently in thier “desirably things to do list.”

The Tree of Desire

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