A lone Imperial Agricultural World isolated in the vast of the Koronus Expanse with somewhat artic tendencies. It has a small imperial naval force for defense and a large moon named Bullwark which acts as a refitting station for Rogue Traders passing through

Captain Silvia Locke Captain of The Aegis, a light Cruiser, most senior officer of the Imperial Navy in the quadrant.

Rogue Trader Jeremiah Blitz Rogue Trader, commands the Ordained Destiny, a cruiser clash ship that is camouflaged to look like it is in worse repair than it is.

  • Jotek – Blitz’s Arch Militant, Imperial Guardsman Colonel, heavy cybernetics

Governor Baldwin Kalpac 20 years old, wears a powdered whig and surrounds himself with whores, a ‘fop’

Bullwark Commander Van Renolds Commander of the refitting station


Rogue Trader - The Annals of the Khan Dynasty Blabble