Fenksworld is a small, grimy Imperial hive world located to galactic coreward in the Josian Reaches sub-sector of the Calixis Sector. Fenksworld serves as a substation service depot of the Imperial Navy’s Battlefleet Calixis. It is suggested that many cults and other “secret parties” test their influence on the Fenksworld population, using it as a manageable test bed before moving on to dominant worlds like Scintilla and Malfi. Chaos Cults and cult activity certainly fester here. Fenksworld’s most notable feature is its Library of Knowing, one of the Calixis Sector’s most comprehensive sources of data outside the Prol System. The Library of Knowing’s most significant attribute is that it is run under the administration of the Planetary Governor and exists outside general Imperial jurisdiction. The Calixian Conclave of the Inquisition has made several (subtle) attempts to close the Fenksworld library down, due to its esoteric contents. The library remains a “family run” enterprise, overseen by the Planetary Governor’s family, the mercurial noble House Vaahkon.

The Khan family has their manse on the upper spires of Nova Castilla far above the common masses. They mingle with the noble houses of Fenksworld and often intermarry as nobles are so wont to do. The Khans have resided here for over 500 years.

Galactic Position: 1056/45/CS/H.

Contact with Other Worlds: Stable Warp routes link Fenksworld to Acreage and Zillman’s Domain.

Population: 22 billion

Tithe Grade: Exactus Extremis

Geography: Extremely cold nights, extremely hot days at the polar caps and temperate climate at the equator. Fenksworld possesses four mountainous and rocky continents separated by polluted seas and oceans. On the southern polar continent lies Magnagorsk Hive, at the northern polar cap is Nova Castilla, on the western continent is Volg Hive, the capital city of the world and on the eastern continent likes the ruins of Hive Akelia, which collapsed decades ago. Fenksworld has no moons but there is a major network of orbital docks located in geostationary orbit above Nova Castilla to service the vessels of the Imperial Navy’s Battlefleet Calixis.

Government Type: Imperial Adeptus Terra

Planetary Governor: Josian Reach Sub-Sector Governor Pas Palacius

Adept Presence: Adeptus Terra, Adeptus Administratum, Adeptus Ministorum, Adeptus Astra Telepathica (Astropathic Choir at Nova Castilla), Adeptus Arbites (high Arbitrator to civilian ratio).

Military: Volg Volunteers (local Planetary Defence Forces; medium quality force, based at Volg Hive), numerous Volg Regiments (1-414th; medium/high quality force, based at Volg Hive), Castillian Finest (local Planetary Defence Forces; high quality force, based at Nova Castilla).

Trade: Main source of manpower and labour in the sector’s Josian Reach. Abundant with various underground factories and refineries dedicated to everything from ore processing to water purifying.

Fensworld is a small, grimy Imperial hive world located to coreward. It is a substation depot of the Battlefleet Calixis. Volg Hive is assumed to be the most blighted, miserable, hell-sent place one could have the misfortune to be born in. Poisoned by the effulent of its siblings, Volg exists for one purpose only, to supply the other hive cities and settlements of Fenksworld with purified water and recycle products from run-off waste and the acidic silt of the mire in which it sits. Rather than reaching towards the heavens like most hive cities, Volg plunges down into the fetid depths. When viewed from above, its filth encrusted domes, corroded gantries and sucking vapour intakes nestle in the fens like the boils and scabs of some schlerotic disease digging into the planet’s carcass.


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