Planet Type: Space Station
Region: Accursed Demense

Haven is a space station that Rodrigo Khan constructed as a means of having a base within the Koronus Expanse far enough removed from the attentions of Footfall. It is capable of hosting roughly 100,000 people though this would tax the two self-sustainable hab domes to the point of having to set up a regular trade route for foodstuffs and the like.

Currently it staffs 20,000 settlers which are all recent transfers from Footfall. Lieutenant Channing has been assigned as Marcus’s governor and runs the station with military precision in the Rogue Trader’s absence. The new settlers were accompanied by agricultural tools and seed as well as a small heard of grox for breeding purposes.

The station is made up of a Manse for the Rogue Trader’s residence, two bio-domes (jungle and deciduous: with a ranch and a plantation for grain) which are currently staffed to increase its self-sufficiency, an astropathic relay, a barracks, and cargo bays which had been found to contain a squadron of assault spacecraft (at this stage only 2 have been assembled. Balor’s apprentices are working on assembling the remainder.)

Haven is surrounded by a number of unique semi-crystaline asteroids whose peculiar qualities make it excellent for station defense. The asteroids interfere with electronics of space craft which pass too close to it, solid objects are swallowed up by the gelatinous objects, and las fire becomes defracted when coming into contact with the objects. The asteroids have been assembled so that the entire space station is surrounded save one passage way leading out into the parent solar system.


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