Planet Type: Death World
Region: Winterscale’s Realm, near Solace Encarmine

Ocean planet 002
An ocean planet with but a few islands of solid earth projecting out of the water. Living islands made primarily made up of gargantuan banyan trees float atop the water, moving with the currents when they have not managed to anchor onto one of the smaller islands. A Drusian Monastery has been established and maintained on one such island, though pilgrimages have waned over the centuries.

Rogue Trader Flavian Prophet the Elder claims to have leased the rights to prophet from the aromatic flowers that bloom atop the trees’ canopy. He has indicated that he pays House Winterscale for this right and is suspicious of Marcus Khan and his crew when they entered into the star system.

The planet is home to the infamous Rappaccini Rockfish though from all accounts its reputation had over shadowed the reality when encountered.


Rogue Trader - The Annals of the Khan Dynasty mchossman