San Hussein Personae

Ship Clans

Mollock Clan Navigator clan hired into service by Jarrion Khan and reaffirmed by Marcus Khan.

Sump Spiders Clan of roughly 700 hive gangers brought into space by Marcus Khan. They specialize in melee combat and often use tox sprayers.

Individuals of Note

Broderick Leader of the Sump Spiders, on decent terms with Cyrus and is a devotee of Marcus Khan.

Virgil A corpulantly obese man dressed in the red robes of the Adminstratorum. Ill tempered with a gravelly sounding voice Virgil tends towards being argumentative and demeaning to those he doesn’t respect. He’s known to carry a plasma pistol and has a very high quality cosmetic eye mechadendrite. He has been hired to peruse Marcus Khan‘s library for its contents so that it may be organized and categorized for Marcus’s benefit. Virgil has had a disagreement with Bastil (toady to Seventus) which ultimately altered the young Rogue Trader’s opinion of him.

Lieutenant Channing Military man who was left in charge of Haven during Marcus Khan’s absence.

Mista Screwteef Longfang Silber’s left-hand grot. A mek-enthusiatic little green bastard with screws for teeth and a voice that could pre-curdle unmilked milk inside a female grox. He loves to pester Balor and his acolytes. The fact that he has some innate mechanical talent is a source of odd wonderment for the tech priests. Even odder he can never quite explain what or how he constructs things.

Phillax Phillax was saved from Haven after being trapped in permenent statis via a looped teleporter. One of Rodrigo’s original officers and a hotshot pilot, Phillax fell on Rodrigo’s bad side and was shoved into the teleporter by Rodrigo’s Archmillitant for purposes of being delt with at a later day…that day never came. Over 250 years passes in milliseconds to Phillax and he was awokened by Balor who fixed the system allowing Phillax escape. So far he has become useful to the captain in explaining who and what Rodrigo was and helped retake Haven. He is currently bunked in the genetorium near the warp drives and a short jaunt to the interceptor he knows how to pilot with great skill. He always wears a stained flight suit with his hair sticking out from the pilots cap haphazardly. He sleems more than slightly “off” but very competant.

Longfang’s Boyz aka “Dey’ll do fer now” A number of crew members (non-Sump Spiders roughnecks), currently only 10 but slowly growing, all having the same grounding in a proper Imperial education in the rightiousness of mankind have taken the presence of Longfang. They find his drunken ramblings and incredible toughness to be a source of emulation. Many of them have taken to daubing parts of their face green and have a great chance of quarreling amongst themselves to proof “who is da tuffest”. When they find out all Orks are not like him they may not be so keen to Orkykind.

San Hussein Personae

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