The Dead

PC’s and Allies

*Oryx Graves – While Marcus Khan was abducted from his sleeping quarters, the crew found Oryx’s murdered body in the lower decks of the ship. The crew believes that Oryx was investigating some malfeasance but have yet to find Oryx’s murderer.


*Sophia – Sophia’s demon possessed corpse was finally slain by a crippling blow by Longfang Silber when encountered in Haven.


*Rodrigo Kahn – Rodrigo’s tainted and mutated form was teleported off of the San Diego to an unknown coordinate (believed deep space) while Jarrion Kahn’s crew was releasing the San Diego from a giant space hulk.

*Seventus Wintermount – Assassinated by his lackey Bastil who had actually been an Inquisitor in disguise. Bastil commondered Seventus’s Ship, The Shining Hope of Cadia and disappeared into the Expanse.

The Dead

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