The Khan Family Past and Present

The kahns

The Khan Family has been a mercantile Rogue Trading Family from millenia well before the founding of the Calaxis Sector’s Founding. Indeed the original Khan trader, whose name historically was recorded as “Chakka”. Chakka reputedly gained her Writ of Trade after her merchant fleet (of which she was only a single ship’s captain) was approached by none other than Sebastian Thor in his attempt to regain the Emperor’s faith and bring it back into justice and the light.

Her words in addressing Sebastian Thor after he pleaded with the merchant fleet for assistance in striking down the heretics was: “I feel for you. I think I love you!” Her assistance in the crusade won her a Writ of Trade and her family has become an occasional legend.

The family has had numerous ups and downs over thousands of years. Truly on the last 1,000 are well spoken of in the Modern Khan Clan but the family’s historians have maintained long annuals of prior adventures beyond count. A few constants have evolved in these millenea including the family’s habit of marrying within their own crew members (usually a member of the inner coterie) and the dual writ scenario created by one Khan marrying a fellow Rogue Trader.

YEARS 1,000-350 The Age of the Twin Khan Writs
Through marrage by a reputedly dashing Khan Captain and a struggling but virtuous fellow Rogue Trader the Khan family secured a second Writ of Trade. As the family had owned and maintained two twin Frigates named after two Drusian Saints, the Saint Iago and the Saint Hussein, no fitting flagship would do in the place of the nearly identical two matching twin saints ships. From the moment of marraige and the auspicious birth of twin girls to the couple(Captains Ilsa Khan and Buttercup Khan…also know as “Violence” Buttercup) the family began a rare tradition: a two writ family. This is a staunch departure from a single-writ family with multiple vessels and has been a source of many problems.

A two writ family is not without its issues as the family’s coffers were often strained to afford two garish and affulent traders who often seemed to be trying to outspend each other. Eventually it came to be that the San Jose became the lesser favored ship and was given to the lesser favored Khan child when the time came. Often the San Jose’s Captain’s needs were placed after the needs of the constantly succeeding captain of the San Diego. Inheriting the San Jose’s captainship was tantemount to winning second place and often there was a bitter struggle among non-firstborn siblings to own the bittersweet writ. The San Diego, however was passed on from favored first born to first born. It is unknown if the ships themselves bear a sibling rivalry as many of their captains have had.

In response to the stewardship of the San Jose being a contentious matter a contest was devised to conceal the ownersip of the writ. Named always after the previous captain the “trail” was designed to take the candidate captain into the depths of Volg Hive to a forgotten chamber that held an item to be returned. This trial helped not only to weed out any “inappropriate” candidates but kept the ownership of second writ in the hands on only those who truly desired it enough to risk their lives.

350-273 Years ago: The time of Rodrigo Khan.
Some 350 years ago Rodrigo Kahn came to power in charge of the San Jose’s writ. A powerhungry and ambitious young man from the start he seemed to be a man of uncompromising scruples and morality to offweigh his lust for money and control. This morality would slowly decay and his scruples would be shed one-by-one in his 123 year reign as captain of the San Jose.

The Captains of the San Diego at the time of Rodrigo’s reign, first Fel Khan and then his Daughter Alphonsia Kahn, were completely overshadowed by Rodrigo’s deeds. At first the family welcomed this change of pace as Rodrigo brought in new wealth into family coffers. Then things changed as rumors of dark deeds, piracy, and shadowy deals made by Rodrigo fluttered back to the manse and into the horrified ears of the Khans.

Of his actual deeds little is known (or made known by house Seldomly spoke of by the current family legends are still told of his exploits in hushed tones. Tales bordering of murder, slavery, torture, betrayal, and worst of all, deeds that bordered on heresy pepper stories told to young Khans on dark lightning lit nights at the spire’s top of the Khan manse on Fenksworld.

Rodrigo’s dissapearance came at long last some 150 years after his birth (regenerative drugs keep many of the priveledged young and healthy in the 41st millenium) with a bitter sweet twist. The scourge on the family’s name was gone, it was true, but so was the second writ with him. He left his daughter behind, Lucretia, a spinster who idolized her father despite all that was said about him, which she denied as mere slander from the jealous. Despite Alphonsia Kahn’s best efforts to bury the past and erase the name and dark deeds of Rodrigo, Lucretia provided as a barrier to this. Lucretia’s longevity herself would ensure that Rodrigo’s legacy would be rediscovered.

272 Years ago to Present
For many years the Kahn family managed to somewhat recover their good name. The San Jose’s writ was lost and nearly forgotten by all. Rodrigo’s name was wispered only in the dark from one child to the next as a sort of bogeyman for those who stray from the path of the Empire. His legend falling to a mere way for siblings to terrify the next down the line yet one child became a favorite, against his own will, of the anchient and nearly insane Lucretia: Jarrion Khan. Jarrion, who bears a striking resemblance to Rodrigo himself in the physical sense would often be bombarded with stories of Rodrigo by Lucretia, told in private in “tea with Auntie sessions”.

Upon his first journeys into the Expanse as captain of the San Diego, Jarrion in the oddest of chances, managed to find and free the San Jose of the space hulk “Twilight” and find the xenos-twisted remnants of Rodrigo still alive. Although Jarrion and his crew teleported the beast that was Rodrigo into realms unknown (hopefully the deep void) they did not manage to even hurt him let alone destroy him. The outcome was the recovery of the second writ.

In a stunning move amongst political trechery from his own clan Marcus Kahn became the Captain of the newly freed San Jose. Although not the first to undergo the newly reinstated “trial” after the death of his sister, Marcus was not ultimately willing to become the second trader, but forced to by the threat of his diabolical and scheming uncle Janus Khan and his narciccistic and egocentric younger brother Kastromo Khan, who both would have lead the writ down a far darker path.

The Khan Family Today

  • House Patron, Randall Khan: A bearded and stooped old man with all of his faculties intact and a withered body (he is more machine than man and often he falls aleep while his cybernetics still carry him forth to his destination… He still has a Rogue Trader’s gleam in his eyes but his days are long past. He now is content with sleeping most of the days away and warning his great grandchildren of the consequences of misbehavior. He was a fair but not outstanding trader in his time.
  • House Matron, Lady Ophetia Kahn: Randall’s daughter and a silver haired statue of a woman. Strong and capable now as house matron as she was when she was captain of the San Diego. She has a reputation for fairness and little adventurous spark left in her. Randall blames his wife for this. She speaks in a voice that commands respect and obedience. As house matron she decides the overall arching actions of the family (a tradition since Chaka) but will seldom interfere with the Rogue Trader(s) themselves…but she has this right. Her tenure as Captain of the San Diego was a somewhat highpoint but ended with a low note of a major deal falling through.
  • Matron’s Spouse, Tesher Rye: Lady Ophelia’s husband and her former seneschal, Tesher is long past putting up with the nobles and their airs. He is a no nonsense “real man” in an age and place where this is an odd luxury. Although generally respectful to all, he puts on no airs, suffers no fools, and enjoys mentally torturing high-faluting nobles as few common men can. As Matron’s Spouse he has few duties anyways…
  • Volminger Khan, Decease RT Captain of the San Diego: Volminger was first born to Lady Ophelia and father of Jarion and Porshia Khan. He married a local noblewoman and sired both the future Rogue Trader of the house as well as the future Matron before both their deaths. Volminger and his wifedied at the hands of a rival, one Captain Wolver Kull. He entrusted his young Seneschal Oryx Graves and his understudy Jessica Ambrose to transfer the writ to his son Jarrion. He was supposedly on the lead to a major montary boost to the house holdings.
  • Janus Khan, House Keeper of the Books: Second born to Lady Ophelia the corpulent (mobile via a grav chair) and decadent Janus has two main goals in life Overseeing the small army of scribes who maintain the financial books of the Khan household and as much debauchery as he can handle on the side. Once he suffered years of living under the shadow of his older brother Volminger, a needed sufferance. He never married and has produces a prodigious amount of bastards running around the household and the Hive itself. His secret hope is that one day one of them will become the secondary (or even) Rogue Trader…of course to do that many proper blooded kinsmen would have to die for that to happen…in some horrible accident perhaps?
  • Larissa Khan, Liasson to the Adeptus Admin.: The third child of Lady Ophelia is bookish and unpleasant, Larissa runs the daily merchant dealing of the Khan family. Hawk faced and shrewd she is not a pleasant person to deal with and although no leader she is an impeccable negotiator. She dislikes children intensely and had no desire to have any of her own.
  • Dargentus Kahn, House Steward: Youngest child of Lady Ophelia, Dargentus was easy-going and happy to deal with minutia of the house until recent events. He oversees the servants and events fastidiously and up until recently planned little but a life of relative ease for his family. Both he and his wife, a noblewoman from Scintilla with little aspirations of her own and far too much sweetness in her to rule, were shocked upon the recovery of the second writ. The writ, as decreed would require the next available Khan to undergo a trial to become the secondus Rogue Trader of House Khan. His children were the first choice after his sibling and he declined (Janus physically incapable due to his titanic weight, Larissa unwilling, and Dargentus himself untrained as he never expected this being the 4th child). He thus far has lost his eldest child, Sasha who would have been ideal, to the trial and witnessed his second child Marcus, a well-meaning but acedemic man with little desire save for books (and the occasional amnesec/noble debutauntte combination), become the second rogue trader of house Khan since Rodrigo’s time.
  • Jarrion Khan, Rogue Trader Captain of the San Diego: Firstborn of Volminger, Jarrion is cruising among the stars at the present. He is a born and bred Rogue Trader and has taken to his duties like a grox takes to feed. So far he is working on developing a possible agroworld in a little forgotten corner of the Expanse called “Eden”. He bears a striking physical resemblance to Rodrigo…but none of the personality.
  • Porshia Khan, House Matron in Training: The position of House Matron often is the choice of the previous house matron and second born of Volminger, Porshia is Lady Ophelia’s first choice. A hard woman herself with little time for nonsense Porshia follows Ophelia about and tends to her needs. This includes being her messenger as well as planning and advising for the lady. She is far from powerless in her role and the security of her postition gave her the chance to forgo the offer of the Captainship of the San Jose.
  • Sasha Khan: Firstborn of Dargentus is sadly deceased. She would have been an ideal candidate for he rogue trader title as an ambitious and adventurous albeit somewhat militaristic woman. She died in the trial with nearly all of her inner circle, save the Mechanicus appointed techpriest Balor, who survived to fall into the good graces of Marcus Khan. Sasha’s last moments were in the Volg Hive pits and she died from being sprayed by some caustic toxic chemical.
  • Marcus Horarius Khan, Captain of the San Jose: Secondborn of Dargentus is the current Captain of the San Jose, a man who never expected the writ to come his way whatsoever. Marcus, although somewhat of an acomplished swordsman, generally expected a duty such as being the bookkeeper or even dealing with the adminstratorium…never this. Very scholarly indeed, he is not without a high standard of social graces but his noble blood often allows for him to speak his mind without hinderance. Now he, like his cousin Jarrion, travel in the expanse to find their fortune. He has taken it of himself to investigate many of Rodrigo’s journals in hopes for salvaging some fortune in the maniac’s legacy. He has taken to the role of Rogue Trader quite well.
  • Kastromo Khan: Third child of Dargentus, Kastromo is a complete fop and moraless prat. He spends his time in various spice dens dabbling with chems that would cause many men to be investigated by the inquisition. He is incredibly angry that he was never given the chance to become Rogue Trader and hates Marcus with a passion.
  • Yelika Khan: The fourth child of Dargentus is still a child in every sense of the world. At 7 Yelika prefers to play and laugh and is a gentle sweet soul without a bone of spite in her body. In the Age of the Imperium that is not a virtue.

The Khan Family Past and Present

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