Rogue Trader - The Annals of the Khan Dynasty

Demarus, Jeremiah Khan, and a Trap

The crew managed to reach Demarus without any difficulty. They met with Jeremiah Blitz and ultimately purchased the stolen artifact that the Navigator’s Guild claimed was missing. Jeremiah was unimpressed with Marcus’s honesty, chalking him up to being a ‘honest’ man and probably more than just a little boring.

The crew then made their way back to Footfall to drop off the Navigator’s lost/stolen tomb and once refitted, set back out on their way to locate The Haven now made possible by the information that Marcus had managed to gleam from the stolen book.

To locate The Haven the crew needs to pass through Cain’s Abyss, a gravity anomaly, and then by Falcon’s Fall Gamma a radiation induced Hell World. Falcon’s Fall Gamma reportedly has some humans, remnants of ex-wayfarers and a numerous forms of radioactive plant life.

Upon reaching Cain’s Abyss the crew noted several hundred wrecks of all types of space faring vessels. One vessel indicated life on board so the crew staged a rescue mission and to determine if there was anything worth rescuing from the wreck.

After some work with air locks and finding evidence of living beings on the ship the crew opened the door to the main hanger which also seemed to be the most likely place for a trap. Marcus ordered 2 shooters to climb through the ducts and place themselves on a catwalk above the hanger, Cyrus and Hadrak entered into the hanger to administer first aid to an ailing Imperial who called out for the God-Emperor’s Grace. Once the two had gotten to the prostrated human, he yelled to his fellow conspirators that ‘Soup’ was on and the battle commenced.

The rest of the party, including Longfang Silber is stationed by the hanger doors the 2 crew members entered the room from.


Dat was Gork what inspired Ol’ Longfang Silber t’ kut the kaos git in two and nunna dis ’Emprah bidness, me boyo ’umie!

Gork iz much betta and brings hus brudda Mork. Ya see…Gork is strong but kunning…and Mork is kunning but strong! Dey is two timez as betta than that ol’ ’umie gawd emprah…mostly cuz dere green!

And now ye knows!

Demarus, Jeremiah Khan, and a Trap

Planets name is (no bitching but quibbling) “Damaris”.

It’s actually in the main map and “The Frozen Reaches” adventure.

Demarus, Jeremiah Khan, and a Trap

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