Breaking Yards of XR-651

Located in the Cinerus Maleficum region near the center of the Koronus Expanse, SR-651 is a red giant star in an empty system. It is littered with dense asteroids and the shattered remains of voidships and other detritus of passing fleets.

Jonathan Cruiser

The head of a fairly defunct merchant noble clan, Jonathan has claimed to have had favorable dealings with Marcus Khan’s cousin, Jarrion Khan. Treated with Marcus favorably and referred Captain San Rio to assist the transportation of Marcus’s inter-stellar mining equipment and some defense macrocannons for Haven.

Captain San Rio

Captain of Always Perceverant, a merchant vessel. Virtually ever dealing the crew has had with San Rio, San Rio has been a drunken souse. He claims to keep the details of his dealings a secret but openly will use a Rogue Trader’s name to secure future business. Turned Marcus down for further employment, risking traveling thru orc infested space to return to a broken space port (Breaking Yards).

  • (Successful Knowledge: Imperial Navy Test) Hadrak remembered hearing about San Rio’s dismissal from his commission in the Imperial Navy. He had been a captain in the Eagle Squadron under Admiral Van Horn. For his best recollection, Hadrak seemed to think the dismissal was one based on politics if anything.

Breaking Yards of XR-651

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