Djanko Scourge

Title: Djanko Scourge
Flag Ship: Hammer of Truth (Light Cruiser),
Other Ships: None Known
Known Investments: Suspected to own or have ties to the Breaking Yard of XR-651

A Rogue Trader that Marcus Khan first met at the Breaking Yards of XR-651. Both traders were seeking the same void-capable mining equipment when the encounter almost came to blows. Djanko seems to be governed by a short, fiery temper and is used to using his physical might to force other’s to his will. His crew, save his bodyguard Claude Van Rygan, seems to be in utter terror of him.

The physical confrontation did not come to fruition at this initial meeting due to the crew using the San Jose’s Teleportarium to cheat Djanko of his brutish urges.

  • Hadrak looks forward to the next meeting of Djanko’s Navigator who forced himself into telepathic conversation with him in order to warn Hadrak and the rest of Marcus’s crew from interfering in the brewing Djanko-Marcus confrontation. After forcing the navigator out of his head, Hadrak felt him try and reestablish communication with him, but this second attempt failed, a threat that Hadrak took personally.

Scourge’s Crew

  • Claude Van Rygan (Arch Militant, Bodyguard)
    An older Imperial Navy man who wears a well maintained Imperial Navy uniform. Seems to be unmoved by Scourge’s mood swings and carries himself with an air of confidence.

Djanko Scourge

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